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Red Barron updated to v1.9

Check out what’s new in this version of Red Barron. I hope you enjoy this update.

  • Added a supercharge pickup. This will give you a 50% bonus firerate
  • Improved the “game over” and “win” screens to look more polished
  • Made it so that killing a mini-boss will drop you 5 coins and at least one random pickup
  • Adjusted the UI. The score is now shown at the bottom center. This fixes the overlap with healthbars from bosses
  • Added a shield pickup. You will gain a shield for 15s that protects you from frontal projectile impact (v1.8)
  • Improved the shield pickup. It now looks more like a forcefield and it blinks when it’s about to run out. I also added a shockwave, screenflash and soundfx on enemy projectile impact
  • Removed score rendering on game over screen as it’s already rendered inside the text window. this also allowed for me to move the enemy waves a tiny bit to the top of the screen giving more play-area


Red Barron v2.2 is now available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android.

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