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Red Barron

Get ready to take on an intergalactic invasion in Red Barron, the modern take on classic shmup games like Galaga and Space Invaders! With its retro pixel graphics, CRT effect, and nostalgic soundtrack, Red Barron delivers an authentic 8-bit arcade experience.

As Red Barron or Red Hawk, you’ll pilot a fighter ship through waves of enemy attacks, dodging to avoid incoming fire while blasting your foes out of the sky. Upgrade your ship with power-ups and wreak havock.


The year is 2057, planet earth is breathing it’s last breath. Humanity achieved the impossible and colonized a planet in a distant star system. The planet, dubbed Arcadia, was rich in resources and held the promise of a new beginning for mankind.

However, their newfound home was not without challenges. The planet’s unique atmosphere and harsh climate made it difficult for humans to adapt, and it wasn’t long before they discovered that they were not alone on this planet.

Alien creatures, unlike anything they had ever seen, began to emerge from the depths of Arcadia. At first, the creatures were small and relatively harmless, but as the human settlements grew, so did the alien threat.

Soon, massive alien ships descended from the skies, unleashing swarms of alien fighters that attacked human outposts and threatened the fragile peace on Arcadia.

In response, the best pilots were recruited to fight back against the invaders. Two legendary figures, known throughout the galaxy for their unmatched skills and their unbreakable spirit. Red Barron and Red Hawk, the best of the best, entrusted with leading the fight against the alien attacks.

Red Barron was a seasoned veteran, with years of experience as a fighter pilot in the Earth Defense Force. He was known for his cool head under pressure, his lightning-fast reflexes, and his uncanny ability to outmaneuver even the most skilled enemy pilots.

Hawk, daughter of Barron, born on Arcadia, was a relative newcomer to the world of space combat. But what she lacked in experience, she made up for in raw talent and determination. She had a natural gift for flying and a fierce determination to protect her home planet at any cost.

Together, Red Barron and Red Hawk led the charge against the aliens, piloting their state-of-the-art spaceships and engaging in fierce dogfights in the depths of space.

Now, as the alien threat grows ever stronger, it is up to you, as one of these elite pilots, to take to the skies and fight wave after wave of aliens in a desperate bid to save the remaining humans on Arcadia from extinction. Will you be able to defeat the alien mother ship and secure the future of humanity on this new world? Only time will tell.

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Red Barron is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android.

Play online

Red Barron is also available to play online in your webbrowser.

Red Barron shooting alien forces with a tier 3 weapon powerup

How to play


Power up animation
Weapon upgrade

Increases the size and damage of your bullets. Getting hit will decrease your firepower by one.

bomb animation

Gives you one bomb. This is your special ability, when fired multiple bullets will be fired at once in a spread shot. Dealing tons of damage.
Use your bombs wisely, they can get you out of a dodgy situation as they destroy enemy bullets.

heart animation

Picking up a heart will restore your life by one. The maximum amount of lives is 3. In co-op hearts are shared. Getting hit will decrease your lives by one.

coin animation

Picking up a coin will give you bonus points. Depending on your chosen difficulty, you will gain more points when picking up a coin.

pickup shield animation

Picking up a shield will give you 15 seconds protection from frontal enemy projectile impact. Note that it doesn’t protect you if you fly into a projectile on the sides or rear of your ship. It only absorbs projectiles, collision with enemies wil cost you one of your lives.

supercharge animation

Picking up lightning will supercharge your weapons system for 10 seconds, effectively increasing the fire rate by 50%.


Red Barron

Barron is player one, a seasoned veteran, with years of experience as a fighter pilot in the Earth Defense Force.

Red Hawk

Hawk is the daughter of Barron, this is player two. She is a relative newcomer to the world of space combat but has raw talent.



A zigzagging alien creep.


A cute red little alien, but with a fierce aimed attack. Don’t stay in one spot when this little fellow shoots.

zygorax enemy animation

An alien lifeform similar to Zygox but this one creeps to you from the sides.

tempest enemy animation

A fast ship that flies to it’s death.

tetragax enemy animation

Another alien spacecraft that fires in four directions.

zylithion enemy animation

This alien ship comes close than strafes and fires at it’s enemies.

Enemy bosses

midd-boss animation
Midd Boss

This is a midd-boss, it fires a spray of bullets in a 360° pattern.
You’ll encounter this one 3 times.

alien mothership animation
Alien Mothership

This is the final boss. Defeat this alien mother ship and save the human species.

Red Barron shooting a bomb spreadshot.


Have fun!

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